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My favorite:

Movie is… The Princess Bride, I would say my mom forces me to watch it at least twice a year, but really I love yelling “Inconceivable” and it is a wonderful story. Otherwise, I love animated movies, I may have been brainwashed during my childhood, but Disney is great!

Anime is… Death Note, Major, or Nana (I am also a huge Attack on Titan fan, but I almost wish I didn’t watch Season 2). I can’t decide between the three, impossible to compare.

Food is… Bibimbap! Korean dish, of rice, vegetables, meat/tofu, egg, and gochujang sauce, all mixed into a pile of deliciousness

Japanese word is… (currently) ジロジロ見る jirojiromiru to stare

English word is… supercalifragilisticexpialidocious , Mary Poppins fan forever!