January 12

Last weekend was a 3-day weekend and Troi, Jackie and I were able to go to Tokyo!

We spent a lot of time planning:::

Flights from Osaka to Tokyo are generally the cheapest way, but due to the New Year, flights were unusually expensive. So, we took the night bus. Honestly, that’s my preferred way of travel. I like buses, I guess.

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures from Tokyo! Next week I will talk about this weekends trip to Nagoya–we have friends that study at Chukyo University, so we are going there to visit them!

Oh~ This is what the bus was like on the way there:

The first day we got to Tokyo though, I had a date~ Of course, I let Troi and Jackie meet him too. Funny story, we were supposed to meet him outside of the Sensoji temple, but somehow we ended up inside of it without knowing it, which in turn caused confusion, and giving him a hard time of finding us. We sent many pictures declaring our location:

After that, we went our separate ways. Troi and Jackie went to get their hair done, and I was able to hang out with him alone.

We first went back to Sensoji to explore some more (by the time he found us, Troi and Jackie basically already had to go).

Then we went to a famous Matcha Ice Cream shop! When we arrived there they told us to go to another building to wait. We waited at that building for about 15 minutes, then we were able to return to the main building, and we waited in line for another fifteen minutes. It was worth the wait, maybe not the price as it was quite expensive… However, the Matcha was very rich and delicious! If you have time check it out!

Ignore me as I say “Video” with a mouth stuffed of melting matcha ice cream. By the way, this ice cream stains your teeth, lips, and anything it touches, but definitely worth the awkward few minutes of looking like Shrek.

Next, he was hungry so we stopped for some food~ I didn’t eat because I had eaten lunch at 13:00, but this guy can eat a lot! When they brought out the first plate of noodles, I thought there was no way that he could finish them, but he did.  And then got another one (it was all you can eat~).

After that we went to the Sky Tree, it is expensive to go to the top, but it was worth it for me. I have it as a goal to go to all the towers in Japan, so, I was glad for that opportunity!

He likes saying that I am mean… 笑〜I had tried to take pictures before, and they turned out really bad, but it’s such a pretty view!

After that, we just hung out and then said our goodbyes. I got back to the Troi, Jackie and my Airbnb at around 12:30am– trains and subways and whatever run longer in Tokyo I think than in Osaka, or at least I wasn’t worried about getting lost here, surprisingly.

When we got back we tried a souvenir that he gave us from his trip a couple days before from Nagano.

Okay, you don’t get the opportunity to see us actually trying them, but this is better anyway. It was such a struggle to get the box open.

This is from the Shinyokohama Ramen Museum on our second day in Tokyo. After learning about the different kinds of Ramen, we went ahead and enjoyed some tasty miso-ramen (Jackie’s favorite):

They always tease me about taking pictures of my food, so it’s great when I catch them in the act. This museum took you back to old-Tokyo, it was really cool to imagine myself living in such a time.

After the Ramen museum we headed down to Harajuku and explored the shops, I didn’t take too many pictures because it was so crowded and honestly, I was not too impressed. Most tourist places are just places to spend money… And, I was not in the mood to spend a lot of money, but looking at clothes was cool… I was like, oh I can buy this is Osaka, oh I see this at every store in Japan, oh… Like that…

However, we did find the giant rainbow cotton candy that had taken over my Facebook newsfeed for the past couple days. Honestly, I just bought it for the picture, though I really did want some sugar (even though we just ate crepes).

Ok, I made it sound like I did not like Harajuku… I did not, but… I probably won’t go back unless someone tells me one mind boggling place to go. Just so overwhelming.

Then we got back that night and enjoyed chatting until 4 am. Which is not the best idea when you have to be out of the airbnb by 10am, but it was nice to have this time to chat with my friends without worrying about annoying other exchange students living next door to us.

The next day after checking out of the airbnb we headed to … Shibuya. It was cool, except that it was rainy and we had no plans about what to do here other than eat Ice Monster, walk around, and then go to Taco Bell, which we decided to eat at 4am. Not a particularly Tokyo-ish meal, but when you get those Taco cravings…

This is what we got at Ice Monster, it is a giant Mango flavored Taiwanese-style shaved ice, so good. We also had to order 2 boba-tea drinks because for ever person that came in, at least one thing had to be ordered.


Then , finally before returning home, or preparing to head to Osaka, we went to a Comedy show that I found on Airbnb. It was actually so much fun! The host was funny and introduced somethings about Japan that I did not know about yet, so that was cool.

Then we got back on the night bus and headed back to OKU. I slept for about 8 hours the day we got back, not good for my sleep cycle at all, but what can you do~.

Anyway, that was our trip to Tokyo in a nutshell. Hopefully this post at least makes my mom happy with all the pictures I threw in here.



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