Happy New Year! (January 5)

The Holidays caught me by surprise, and left just as fast…

Busy times, busy times. Though honestly nothing really eventful happened over the New Years break. We were supposed to go to USJ–still have not gone, we went to Nara (again), and I went on a date for the New Years holiday, which was nice~!

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment… I was extremely nervous, so I started writing a blog post to get my anxiousness out, but I ran out of time and could not finish.

Even in America I hated to go see my rheumatologist. Worrying about the things that she would tell me. Worrying that maybe she would know my arthritis had not been good (sometimes I didn’t want to tell her and worry her about the little things). Worrying that she would suggest changing medicine. Just useless worrying.

However, in Japan, even though I have long since realized that this kind of worrying is useless, I worried, I am worrying– often. This time I went to the doctor without an interpreter. It was terrifying before I got there. I kept thinking, I am not going to understand what they tell me. I am not going to go to the right place. And so on… Useless worrying about something that I cannot change.

However, the doctor’s appointment went well.

No, I did not miraculously understand everything the hospital staff said to me. Nor did I not get lost. And no–people who spoke English were not everywhere.

In fact a lot of things confused me, and I probably still made a few mistakes, but I survived, it is over, and done.

Good things came out of the visit too.

While waiting to pay (I have to talk about this paying system in my next blog post about the hospital, probably after my visit in March– it is a little confusing and lots of waiting, but completely doable), I met two very cute Japanese kids, Kenta-kun (2) and Airi-chan (6). We played shiritori together (you can try to play it by yourself on this website: http://www.shiritori.org/), and listed off all the fruits that we knew, and just made silly faces at each other. Honestly, kids are the best. I do not worry about making mistakes because they do too, they may not always understand me, but sometimes they can figure out what I am trying to say better than their parents.

Also, my doctor kindly gave me more “souvenirs” as he likes to call them, which is just information brochures in Japanese. He is trying to get me to know all these Arthritis terms in Japanese, I think.

Can I just say, doctor’s in Japan seem to rush me so much less than my doctor in the US. Maybe it is because I am a new patient for him, but I feel like we could chat about anything together. On a sad note, he is going to Baltimore in August, so I do not know what that means for me entirely, but I will make sure everything works out at my next visit!

Any who~~~

Just because it is kind of related my New Year’s Goals:

  1. Stop slacking on the blog posting!!!!! (I have so many drafts saved on my computer, but they are all unfinished– Procrastinator power)
  2. Stop worrying about things that you can’t help. I’ve decided to use しょうがない〜as my motto for 2018.
  3. Let’s not let my arthritis flare up, but continue to play soccer, when the next semester starts, join a club.
  4. Don’t die
  5. Stay on top of the little tasks– AKA stop procrastinating on things just because they’re annoying
  6. See more places in Japan
  7. Study Korean for 30 minutes everyday, Japanese at least an hour of JLPT N3 study, and Spanish for 30 minutes. (Lately I have been forgetting everything that I had studied previously in all the languages, I really need to freshen up on everything and get in good study habits)

Not goals but things I need to do soon/in 2018:

  1. Decide if I am studying abroad in Japan or South Korea Fall 2018, or not at all.
  2. While I am studying abroad, I need to find a part time job teaching English or something in Japan
  3. Apply for CLS in August, for 2019
  4. Think about and apply for jobs
  5. Think about and maybe apply for graduate school
  6. Figure out how to get TESOL certification and get it
  7. Take Liberal Studies class online for P4 Upper Level credit in May(?)
  8. Take the JLPT N3 (try to pass!)

After writing that, I’m starting to realize how soon I have to enter in to the real worldaka, the world where adults cut zero slack for you, where the dog ate my homework excuse really fails, where I have to worry about problems more complicated than rent, food, and sleep…

I am definitely not ready.



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