December 24|12月24日

Last night I went to my friend’s friend’s friend’s party at a Hostel in Namba, it was a lot of fun, and a lot of things happened (from making sushi and friends, to losing my cellphone inside of my bag, dropping my wifi box in the toilet, and getting very lost).

However, I wanted to write a short post about just one experience from the night!

At this party there was a deaf Japanese woman. She was good at lip reading, even with my horrible pronunciation of Japanese. Later that evening though, she ended up teaching me Japanese Sign Language! I was so excited!

Anyone that looked at me could see my excitement. I was jumping up and down when I learned something new. Now I can do a really short introduction in Japanese Sign Language, and I know just a few words, but to me, I think that is always the first step in learning a new language. Due to my interaction with her, I really want to learn!

So, write now I am looking at YouTube videos about Japanese Sign Language.

I forgot how to sign my name for a second, but this is it… I think! It is is not very smooth, but I think it is correct, but if you know JSL, and see that I messed up please tell me– I may not have understood what she was teaching me, or forgot something. Basically, this reads as “Nice to meet you (for the first time). My name is Megan. Thanks (?).”// 初めまして。私の名前は目ーガンです。よろしくお願いします。

Right now that’s about all I can do, but I also can do “Good morning, breakfast, Good afternoon, lunch, good evening, dinner, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother”!

I think that’s pretty good amount to remember from a 30 minute lesson after all the fun that occurred last night.

This is the chanel I am looking at on YouTube, if anyone is curious:

Ok, that’s my update for now~


P.S It is Christmas Eve! What?! I did not realize it until right now…



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