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Today I am going to write a short blog post because I am planning to go to Osaka Castle.

Recently, I have been thinking about my future… Such as my plans for different breaks from school, what I will do after studying abroad, graduate school plans, and what my future job will be.

1。Break/Holiday plans

My friends and I will go to USJ around Christmas time. We were supposed to go two months ago, but our plans changed. Now, USJ has Christmas decorations and Christmas shows and such things, so I really want to try to go.

“spring break”: If I am able to, I plan to go to other countries during this time. For example, South Korea, Thailand, and Laos (don’t ask me how that one got in the mix). After that I would like to also visit Okinawa. However, I haven’t quite decided yet, but I have to decide soon.

2. After studying abroad

Of course, I will return to America (even if just temporarily). But, before I return, maybe I will study abroad for another semester. I still want to study abroad. Should I study in Japan, South Korea, Spain? I have also not yet decided. This morning, I was thinking a lot between South Korea and Japan. Currently, I am taking Korean classes, so of course I want to go to South Korea. But, is a vacation enough? Do I need to study abroad? Maybe I will live there… I need to think about this more.

3. Graduate School

I talked to my friend who has the same goal and dream as me to teach English. We always talk about wanting to live together, to teach near each other, study with each other. Yet, I know that we are different people, even if we have the same dream, it’s not enough… However, we cannot help, but to discuss things like living together in an apartment in Japan, pursuing graduate school here and working here.

Another issue, my parents are strange people. They intend to buy another home in North Carolina soon. My sister is a university student, but they plan to buy her a house. WHAT? That’s crazy I thought. My parents said though, if you also plan to study at UNCW (grad school), then you can also use the house. So now, I have very complicated feelings…

4. Work

I want to be a teacher. But…

Soon? After graduate school? Before? When is the best time?

Where? Japan? Korea? Thailand? Different countries?

Is English only enough? History too? Science?


Recently, I have had a lot of free time, so this is probably why I am having such thoughts…


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