Ken and Kiichi’s Visit!

Ken and Kiichi are two of our friends that studied abroad at Western Carolina University! It was so nice seeing them again. They both go to Chukyo University in Nagoya and are currently busy figuring out their future plans, but made time to visit us at our university which really made us so happy! I did not take many pictures after this, but it was fun being able to show them around our campus, but also hang out with them in Namba. It almost felt like we were back in the United States, and they were studying abroad (yeah, we talked in English, it’s faster!).

We went out for dinner and drinks. Moe had to leave us at that point, but Yoshi was finally able to join us!

We spent a lot of time together… I really missed everyone… Making friends with Japanese people in Japan is hard…so I am really grateful for these friends that I already made at WCU.

Next time we will visit them in Nagoya~! Not sure when, but stay tuned in…



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