November 13 | 11月13日


This past weekend Troi, Jackie and I stayed at our friend Kanako Hata’s house. It was a wonderful experience, and it made me miss being with my family that much more! In her home at that time was herself, her mom, and her grandma. Everyone was so sweet and supportive of our lack of Japanese language ability. Unfortunately, I did not speak in Japanese as much as I should have… It is always difficult when you are with people that you know speak English to speak Japanese, or I think so anyway. However, it was one of the most fun weekends I have had in Japan so far!

First, we ate soba noodles at a really good soba restaurant. The chef, gave us tomato soba as a service, which basically tasted like Italian pasta, once the olive oil was added. Also, with the tempura there was a matcha-salt to taste it with. I actually really liked the unique blend of bitter and saltiness to go along with the tempura. Seriously, the soba was so good! After eating we had to go shopping for the things we wanted to put in our takoyaki… Honestly, we had no idea at all what to add, but luckily Kanako knew.

Then we returned to her home and she showed us our rooms. We rested for a little bit, and then we went exploring around the area that she lives. She showed us where she used to go to school, and we went to many different parks that she went to as a child, and really enjoyed going down a slide and “working out” on the equipment at the parks.

That evening we had a Takoyaki party! We had ones with octopus, ham, cheese, kimchi, and more… They tasted so good! After that we tried to make desert versions of the Takoyaki with pancake batter and chocolate… We forgot chocolate melts, and burns… Maybe we added the chocolate a little bit too early. However, it was a fun experience! It was the first time that we made takoyaki ourselves. (Also, cannot forget this experience, I was talking to someone and called takoyaki, “takonomiyaki” — takoyaki+okonomiyaki, I think.)

Then we watched a funny Japanese movie “Thermae Romae”. It was hilarious–although I was definitely not able to understand everything, I couldn’t stop laughing at the character’s antics.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 12.31.09 PM.png

After the movie, we were pretty tired, so I went to sleep. The next day we woke up and went to the mall! Shopping~! It was fun to spend time (and money) together. Laughing at clothes, and at each other, and remembering times at Western Carolina that we spent with each other. We spent probably 5 hours at the mall that day, but it was so much fun! At the mall we did a purikura (Japanese sticker booth), check out the picture below, we look so cute~! We returned to Kanako’s home, watched videos from her childhood, then we ate Sushi, and chatted some more. It was such a fun day.


All in all, I just want to thank Kanako’s family for this experience! It was so wonderful~

Soon I will write about Nara! Which we actually went to a while ago…But I haven’t written a post yet!










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