October 29th |10月29日

This is just a summary of the week: October 23-29

This week has been such a fun– but busy week!

The typhoon came and didn’t affect us too bad, but did mess up the trains a little bit, which caused one of my classes to be cancelled on Monday. Monday evening we went out to have ShabuShabu with a Japanese friend who is interested in studying abroad in the United States! It was fun to talk with him, hopefully he comes to our university so we can welcome him like he did to us!

On Tuesday we met up with our friend who graduated from Western Carolina University and is currently living in Japan, Kelvin! He studied abroad before us, and has been able to offer us some valuable advice and give us his time! We enjoyed hanging out together, and did karaoke– my throat was dead after my *terrific singing*.

On Wednesday, there was the Welcome Party. The Welcome Party was basically just an opportunity for the international students and tutors to chat with one another. After, the Welcome Party we had another plan. Going to Umeda! It was our chance to meet our friend who studied abroad at Western Carolina University. Together we enjoyed great food, company, and conversation. It’s weird to not know the next time you will see a person will be, but it made me very glad to see them again. It was a short visit, but worth it!

On Thursday, I went to Ando because I need to apply for a subsidy card for my visit to the hospital the following day. That luckily did not take very long– although I have no idea what they said to me– but it all worked out. After that, we stopped by in Yao to do some fun shopping!

On Friday, my doctor’s visit! I left campus right after my classes ended, and arrived at the closest train station at 1:30 (it’s about an hour away). I went to 7-11 to withdraw some money because I wasn’t sure if the hospital accepted credit card– it turns out they do not, so I was glad that I did that in advance. Bought an onigiri and a bottle of water, because I had not eaten all day and I was starting to get a headache. I thought the headache was from stress, not eating/drinking, but… turns out it was the start of a cold I still haven’t recovered from. However, irregardless, the doctor’s visit went well… To find out more details about what I accidentally and purposefully forgot, and how I made everything work out stay tuned.

Weekend– Typhoon again, and here I am writing a blog post.

Tomorrow I have 4 classes — not abnormal for some, but compared to my normal two, I am dreading it.


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