October 21 | 10月21日

There is a typhoon hitting Japan, currently only causing lots of rain for us here, but is expected to get worse later this weekend. However, it has had an affect on our evening plans– all cancelled! So, why not write a blog post now!

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 6.59.58 PM.png

Today has been a very lazy day… Reading a book, sleeping, studying a little, and eating leftover curry. Most Saturdays we go out and do something– shopping, exploring, etc. However, today we all just kind of hunkered down in our rooms enjoying the time we have alone. Or at least, I enjoyed it.

This is my room– yes, not 100% organized, but probably as good as it’s going to get. I brought a lot of stuff with me from home to make my room feel like my room. Honestly, I think that is one of the reasons I have managed to keep my sanity. The room is fairly narrow, but bigger than a lot of single dorm rooms at Western Carolina University, so nothing unusual there. Also, there is more storage space than one would think there are many drawers and in an area you cannot really see there are shelves near the door where I keep my shoes and shower things. Everyone has their own bathroom (or well, I guess it’s just a toilet) and a sink, so it’s more than enough space!

I think last weekend was our most enjoyable weekend yet. We still haven’t managed to travel around Japan very much (at all), but we had fun doing things nearby our University. For example, Saturday (10/14):

Previously, Troi and I had gone to the Global Learning Community/Center (GLC) room to find out about “circles” (basically clubs), from the International Office. Well, while we are there one of the staff comes in and asks us if we are interested in joining an event. Troi and I look at each other (communicating telepathically), and she tells the staff that we are interested. Apparently saying that you are interested in something isn’t just a way for them to tell you more information, instead it is signing up. That is how Troi and I signed us up for a Halloween Costume Contest. We were very nervous about it, but had fun choosing our costumes. However, we did not realize until the night before Friday (10/13) that we had to do a performance!

Most would practice the night they figured out that we had to do a performance, but instead we prayed for rain, then proceeded to hang out with the other international students downstairs– watching a movie and playing some drinking games (obviously non-alcoholic beverages, right?).

Saturday morning comes around, and we ate delicious pancakes cooked by Troi (though, I am not sure if it is Japanese style pancakes or something messed up in the batter, but it had the consistency of bubble gum–we ate it anyway), and began to put on make up, put the finishing touches on our costumes and prepare for the day.

Our costumes were pretty okay. We bought the clothing in Namba the previous weekend, and then had to tailor them to fit us (Japanese clothes are too small for our shoulders/arms), and then we added the blood (which looked cooler before it dried). After getting ready, we still had no idea what we were doing for this performance, but we talked it out on our way to the train station.

Oh yes… We road from our school’s station to this event, which was only two stops away, but the looks we got were enough to make anyone cringe! 22405442_1749924618352307_6155812935544783941_n

However, the event ended up quite fun, as we came up with a last minute performance of us maids pretending to clean, and then our vampire master coming over to feed on us. For last minute improvisation, I thought we did alright, but all of the other groups had a dance prepared and they actually talked into the microphone. I’m not sure if it was stage-fright or Japanese-fright, but we all waved the microphone away and scurried off of the stage.

After all of the Halloween performances we were able to enjoy watching some traditional sides of Japan in song and dance. It was very fun! 22491879_1749913051686797_28690024634209981_n

The event started at 2:00pm, and we ended up leaving around 6:30pm. After the event, we went to Moss Burger to have dinner. That was another stare grabbing experience. On our way back to the dorm, we attempted to avoid passerby’s stares and attention of anyone that lived in the International Student dorm, unsuccessfully, but at least we were together!

On Tuesday, we will have been in Japan for a month! It’s crazy to think that it is 1/11 months in Japan, but I can also look at it as only the first 4 weeks of an adventure together. We have many more weeks to go, and A LOT more to see! But in the meantime, I am going to make myself a cup of tea and finish reading my book under several layers of blankets.














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