October 15 |10月15日

I still haven’t shown off my dorm room– mostly because I haven’t tidied it up yet! I received one suitcase late, and due to that my organization is off. Once I finish making it look like a livable habitat I will post pictures. It is not anything fancy, but I think the space is definitely adequate!

Adjusting to life in Japan hasn’t been all that difficult, but I am facing a couple challenges.

Around me are beautiful views of contrasting nature and city life. This helps me relax and feel like I am still at home. And, of course, there is food that I enjoy eating, so what more could I ask for?

Connections. I do think it is difficult to make connections with Japanese people. We were asked to join an English World class with the preface we could meet Japanese students there. And sure, we can meet them… But talking to them is difficult. Since I am a tee-bit shy, and they are probably shy too, we don’t really have conversations.

Other than our previous friends, we haven’t really made too many.

Our first encounter with a Japanese student was the random guy that took off his earphones to say “Konbanwa” to us, as we walked back from the train station. That made my night…

But! We do have some girls that will eat lunch together with every Thursday, which is wonderful! They are sweet and understand that we do not know everything in Japanese, so try to actually help us understand by changing what they said, rather than just saying the same thing again.

I do not feel comfortable speaking in Japanese still. It is really difficult. I can form a question, and most of the time understand someone’s response (not word for word, but the idea of what they are asking), but then I do not know what to say. It takes me too long to think…And I end up just staring back at them like “ehhhhh”, until the conversation moves on. So, that is mostly how conversations are for me in Japanese, that being said, that’s why it is hard to form relationships when I cannot have a more complicated conversation.

However, this campus is absolutely stunning. I am happy. I feel calm and relaxed… Despite there being so many things also that I need to keep track of in Japan, and all that information is given to us in Japanese, which I do not understand.

I haven’t been able to join a club yet, I want to play soccer… But it’s truly hard to figure out when they meet, or figure out the process for joining! Almost every Saturday I can watch people playing soccer from outside my window. Still haven’t gathered the courage to ask them if I can join in… But I really miss playing soccer for fun! One of my classes is a sports (soccer) class, so maybe I will find some people to play with there, but if not, I may just wait until next semester… It might be easier.

This is my schedule:


8:50-10:20 – Sports [Soccer] Class

After, return to the dorm and shower/change clothes

12:00 – Lunch

12:55-14:25 – English World: British History Class with Jackie


8:50-10:20 – Korean Class

Go to the library or sit outside.

12:00 – Lunch

12:55-14:25 – Japanese Pre-Intermediate Class


8:50-12:05 –Japanese Pre-Intermediate Classes

12:15 – Lunch


10:35-12:05 –Japanese Pre-Intermediate Class

12:15 –  Lunch


8:50-10:20 – Japanese Calligraphy Class

10:35-12:05 – Japanese Pre-Intermediate Class

12:15 – Lunch

12:55-14:25 – English World: Music History with Troi

Weekend begins! 

Enjoy these pictures! (all of them were taken on Osaka Kyoiku’s campus)

Thanks for reading!

I will post again this evening about a Halloween event we went to yesterday (10/14) and Jackie’s birthday today (10/15).










8:50-10:20 – スポツ(サッカー)

12:00 – 昼ご飯

12:55-14:25 – English World: 英国の歴史:ジャキーちゃんと


8:50-10:20 – 韓国語

12:00 –昼ごはん

12:55-14:25 – 日本語


8:50-12:05 –日本語

12:15 – 昼ごはん


10:35-12:05 –日本語

12:15 –  昼ごはん


8:50-10:20 – 衝動

10:35-12:05 – 日本語

12:15 – 昼ごはん

12:55-14:25 – English World: 音楽の歴史:トロイちゃんと

Weekend begins! 


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