September 24 | 9月24日

Today I go to Japan!

I am very emotional today. I am so nervous that I could probably build a ball bigger than the moon if I wadded up all the nerves and energy I have. I am so excited that I could run around the world twice, if I were that athletic and could run on water. And, I am so scared any other little thing that popped out at me would make me jump to the sun with fright– hopefully not burn! Most of all, I feel unprepared. I do not know enough Japanese! I might be forgetting something at home! I didn’t say all the goodbyes that I wanted to! Not ready yet… But at the same time, I know this is something I will accomplish. This is something that I want to, that I have to do. This is a big step for me. I have of course been dreaming about this for MANY years, but something about being about to realize a dream is this feeling of surreality that surrounds my everyday activities. I doubt I will truly realize what I have done until my plane lands, and I set my foot onto Japanese soil… Maybe not even then, but I am ready to see what the sky looks like in Japan!

My Biggest Fears:

  1. Not being able to get my RA medicine on time
  2. Insurance issues and not being able to work them out within a reasonable time
  3. Not meeting with a Rheumatologist in Japan– I have been working with an organization to meet with a doctor at Osaka General Hospital, but I was told the other day, that doctor is a “Leg Specialist”, I am looking for a Rheumatologist. Hopefully the organization knows what they are doing.
  4. Not being able to communicate my thoughts and ideas well enough to make friends in Japan
  5. Even though I know people at this school, and am going with two other friends, I worry that I am going to feel completely isolated from everyone else.
  6. My plane will be delayed and I will never make it to Osaka Kyoiku– or at least not in time to make the free shuttle bus!

My Expectations:

1.To struggle overcoming the language barrier

2. To be able to travel within Japan, but also within Asia

3. To have people speak to me in English when I do not want to, and when I want to speak in English have no one to talk to

4. To struggle eating with chopsticks at every place I eat at.

5. To say “Yes” or “No” to something that I should not have responded in such a way to… In general, just respond incorrectly to many different questions! Ahhhh… Maybe just a blank stare?

6. To be completely exhausted after the flight and orientation week… PLEASE LET ME SLEEP!

(Some of) My Goals:

1. Take the Japanese N3 by the end of my stay and pass it.

2. Meet some significant figures in the Japanese Government

3. Go to Japanese schools and maybe a private academy. Hopefully, see kids and adults of all English proficiency levels.

4. Eat delicious food– but do not gain wait!! Haha

5. Join a club, or some kind of activity that will allow me to meet Japanese students that would actually help me learn Japanese by forcing me to speak it to them.

6. Learn at least 1000 more Kanji! Do not forget them!

7. Be able to understand Kansai-ben from Osaka by the time I leave… Can I understand Yoshi speak? Probably not… But maybe at least more than before!

I would write more, but I am worried about forgetting something now and my flight leaves in 5 hours! SO NERVOUS. I will write again, as soon as I can!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way!


~Let the adventure begin!~




たくさん感情があります。私は興奮しています…私は緊張しています… 私は心配しています… 母と父に話して、できないと言いました。もちろん、できます…でも、本当に怯えています。多分、私はたくさん留学生している人のように思うと思います。

















1。留学生時終わる前に、JLPT N3撮りたいです。(いい成績も撮りたいです)










IMG_3226 (1)


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