September 4 | 9月4日

Hi Everyone!

This post is going to be all in English for now, my apologies, but I just need to get some things off my chest.

I am surrounded by restlessness right now, at 2:00am, this is not unusual for me to have trouble sleeping, but is unusual for me to feel like this, wide awake and so alert! I was going to wait until Friday or Saturday to write my next post, but I need to write sooner.

Perhaps, I am just excited for my trip to Japan. However, I feel an increasing number of nerves chewing on my soul. As I cross more things off of my list, more things to do and accomplish seem to make their way onto my list with fewer days than before to accomplish them. I have very little time to achieve these things, due to my work schedule, but it all must be done!

Things that I need to do:

  1. Pack! I have made a list of things that I want to take, but when I began packing I ended up with a much larger number of shirts than I intended… I am learning, despite wanting to live a minimalist lifestyle, it is hard to part from the traditional American attitude of more is better.
  2. Clean my room(s)! I began cleaning and packing… However, in that process I took over my primary bedroom. Currently, I am sleeping in my family’s guest room, and have ended up cluttering it up as well with work clothes and my Japanese books.
  3. Visit my sister! My sister means the world to me, but she just began university in August… I have not been able to visit her, and I at least want to see her one more time before I leave. We recently got tattoos together, so regardless I have this tattoo as a reminder that she is always with me… However, I still wish to see her before I go off for at least 12 months.
  4. Visit my friends! I need to stop in Charlotte, as well as travel back up to WCU to visit friends there… I will be getting my VISA on Friday, so I will be stopping by my school on Thursday night and spending Friday night there as well, before heading back home to babysit. I am hoping, since this visit will be so short, that I will be able to go back up to visit at another time, but I am not sure, at all! I hope it doesn’t come to deciding who to see, my sister or friends… But it might.
  5. Finish organizing medical paperwork and information to bring to doctors in Japan, as well as to arrange my first doctors appointment with a rheumatologist in Osaka. I have to meet with a doctor to get my medicine, but it makes me nervous changing doctors. My current rheumatologist has been my doctor since my diagnosis 6 years ago. I never saw another specialist, so it will be interesting to get another perspective, but I hope that he doesn’t take away my medicine or something, as it has been doing wonders!
  6. Finish babysitting, nannying, and working at the movie theatre. My schedule has been busy this summer. Trying to earn as much money as possible so that I can see all that Japan has to offer, as well as for having some fun! However, now that my time at these places is coming to an end, I realize what a big part of my life they have been. I do not know if I will EVER have the opportunity to work at any of these places again, so I have to be prepared to say goodbye.
  7. Buy souvenirs to bring to Japan. I want to be prepared with some little things to bring with me to Japan. I have set a fairly small budget aside for me to get these gifts to give to people that I meet in Japan. I have a local antique store and WCU’s bookstore that I know I will get some things at. I am a bit nervous at choosing out things to give to others. Many times I have bought a gift for someone and never gave it to them because I was so nervous.
  8. Study Japanese more! I have studied Japanese for two years at WCU, but we have not even covered all of the Genki II book. It was my goal for this summer to finish Genki II. However, I was truly exhausted after work and never spent sufficient time studying, until middle of August when it hit me that I had just a little bit more than one month left. At that time I realized that it would be difficult to  truly learn new grammar points at this point, so my focus is on vocabulary and review of old grammar points. I am trying to expose myself to the most Japanese possible daily– listening to the news, music, anime, movies, and study as much vocabulary as possible. I have decided to focus on learning as many nouns and verbs as possible before arriving. Of course, adjectives and adverbs are useful, but in order to feel comfortable I feel learning nouns and verbs is more important, but we will see when I get there.
  9. Honestly, I think these are the primary things I need to do, but as I mentioned, every time I cross something off, two new things pop up for me to do. It is truly an endless task. I do not think I will be ready for Japan, ever! But I am ready to embrace these uncomfortable moments that I will be experiencing in Japan.

Writing this really helped me calm down… I guess, making lists is comforting for me, so expect more of them in the future!

After I get my VISA, I will write again, probably on Saturday after my babysitting gig.

Until then, happy adventuring!


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