August 30th

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first post. Please learn some about me by clicking on the links!

However, I will introduce myself here.

I am a third year student at Western Carolina University. That’s in the middle of nowhere, in Cullowhee, North Carolina (USA). Most wouldn’t know about it, but Cullowhee is home to Judaculla Rock, and just had a total solar eclipse pass straight through!

I will be studying abroad at Osaka Kyoiku University in Osaka, Japan for one year. Osaka is not the middle of nowhere! In fact, it is the second biggest city in all of Japan. However, the school is on a mountain, so I am sure I will feel right at home!

At Western Carolina, my majors are International Studies, and Dual Language Studies: Spanish and Japanese. I also am studying to teach English as a second language! Japan is one of the places that I have considered to go to teach, so I chose Osaka Kyoiku as it is a teacher’s college, like Western used to be.

To be honest though, that’s not why I’m going to Osaka Kyoiku…

  1. I want to learn some Kansai-ben, no better place to learn than Osaka!
  2. Universal Studios Japan is right down the road!
  3. I met some really amazing people from OKU, and wanted to go to their school.

Of course, not in any particular order, but these are 3 real reasons I chose this university out of my other options.

I have two friends that are also joining me on my travels, will probably end up mentioning them later. We all have officially bought tickets and will be stuck next to each other for the long flight in just a few weeks.

Until my next post,




これは私の最初のポストです。 リンクをクリックして私のことを学んでください!





でも、これらが私が大阪に興味を持っている3つの理由です :

  1. 関西べんを習いたいです。
  2. ユニバーサルスタジオが近くにあります。
  3. 私は、大阪教育大学のいい人たちに会いた、自分の学校に行きたいと思っていました。





This is part of my Japanese Program Family at WCU. Previous exchange students, graduating seniors, and other students about to study abroad!



3 thoughts on “August 30th

  1. Good luck and have a great adventure. I spent time in Japan more than 20 years ago. It still resonates with me today. Osaka is awesome (Kansai ben is much more fun than Tokyo ben)


      1. You’re going to have a great time. Enjoy everything from the easy to the difficult, from the mundane to the strange, and from what you thought to what you learn.


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